Artists: Bio and Works

Each artist is accomplished in their own way in assorted mediums. However the Sculpture Illuminare team brings distinctive lighted sculptures to the forefront of the art world.

Bryan DeLuca's  Bio

Bryan DeLuca's Bio

Reclaiming and transforming unique items into art forms has been my primary pursuit for the past several years. The collection of artworks features vintage wooden water skis reimagined as classic Adirondack chairs, a baby grand piano ingeniously repurposed into a wall-mounted bookcase, and restored old Scandinavian wooden chairs revamped with LED lights and epoxy for a contemporary twist on timeless designs.

Old-school fiberglass surfboards and canvas-covered wood-framed canoes have been ingeniously converted into distinctive light fixtures adorning a floating house barge, lending a perfect nautical touch.

The synergy of recycling and artistic expression culminates in the creation of a magnificent 12-foot-high “Giant Fish.” The fish’s scales are meticulously crafted from old music CDs gathered from throughout the town, allowing residents to contribute to this captivating public art installation. Eli Fishman’s adept welding skills, combined with my fabrication expertise, bring this extraordinary piece to life within the public park.

Collaborating with Clayton Orehek, “Jewel” the Sea Horse stands imposingly at over 14 feet in the public park. Clayton’s artistry shines through in the rebar-welded structure of the sea horse, while I took charge of illuminating its interior and fabricating the quarter-inch plexiglass components that imbue the Seahorse with nocturnal radiance. Jewel majestically graces the park, a luminous beacon welcoming visitors after sundown.

Discovering my calling in crafting these distinctive art pieces has fueled my passion over the past few years. Presently, my focus is on a 15-foot Sea Turtle project that Eli Fishman has meticulously rendered in stainless steel rod. As I make strides in developing the upcoming art installation for the Town of Riverhead, NY, I will once again concentrate on infusing the Sea Turtle with life through interior lighting and the meticulous craftsmanship of plexiglass elements. The project is set for completion and installation by the end of 2023.

Initiating a comprehensive art event for the Town of Riverhead, NY, we are introducing illuminated sculptures throughout the park on Main Street. Reflextions Riverhead invites and captivates the public, transforming the previously underutilized park into a captivating destination that beckons sculpture enthusiasts and tourists alike.

Clayton Orehek's Bio

Clayton Orehek's Bio

Clayton Orehek is a New York based sculptor, painter, and writer, whose work is often associated with conceptual art and Dadaism.

His formal education is in literature and engineering with a degree from Stony Brook University.

Clayton has been specializing in neon, metal, glass, and woodwork for over thirty years. His notable pieces include the ” Neon Butterfly Chairs” (OK Harris Gallery. New York City.), the ” Sag Harbor” Cinema sign (Sag Harbor, New York), ” Nikola Tesla”(Nassau Museum of Art), and public art installations in Grangebel Park (Riverhead, New York). Clayton’s work is inspired by shape, time, and light as the only way ” abstract ideas can be engineered into universal pieces” (Clayton Orehek).

Eli Fishman's Bio

Eli Fishman's Bio

Eli Fishman has been the resident artist at the Long Island Aquarium for the past twenty-two years, with the title and responsibility of Exhibit Construction Manager.

Eli started his career at the Bronx Zoo Exhibit Department as a contributing artist to the Congo exhibit, a 6.5 acre habitat for multiple species including gorillas and okapis. While working at the Bronx Zoo, he learned epoxy, cement and steel fabrication.

At the Long Island Aquarium, Eli has been instrumental in all exhibit design work including planning, budgeting, designing, and building to best suit the animal’s needs. On the public side, he has designed and fabricated settings to enhance the visiting guest’s experience; from twelve-foot wire framed, cement cladded penguins to custom fiberglass and epoxy work of simulated trees and branches.

Broadening his welding and sculpting abilities have led him to contribute to the public art realm.   He has contributed to the rehabilitation of Grangabel Park in Riverhead, NY, by creating 2 alewife fish sculptures. Additionally, he has collaborated with Reflections Riverhead by producing the wire sculpture  “Swimmer”.  Currently, Eli is working on a giant 14-foot steel sea turtle, scheduled for its debut in the park spring of 2024.