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About the Sculptures

The art is a combination of half inch and three eighths stainless steel rod, quarter inch colored plexi-glass  and assorted LED lighting ensuring a long lasting presence. Whether on the waterfront, salt air or winter elements the art stands the time with little to no degradation.

The art sculptures can be sized in any scale with a very wide assortment of types of design in most any genre. Customization of LED lighting, and plexi-glass colors provide a selection to best suit your needs.   

Shipping: depending on size of art and distance from Long Island New York, pricing quotes can be provided

Installations: The art will be prepped for custom installation based on need. We can install for a fee or have it set up for your team once delivered.  

 Payment structure:  one third at contract signing, one third 90 days from contract date, final payment at completion.

installation of sea horse sculpture in park